E-mediation also known as electronic mediation is a type of mediation procedure, which is performed by utilising ICT tool. E-mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is conducted online. Thus, the e-mediation procedure possesses all features and respects the requirements applicable to traditional mediation.

Over the recent years electronic mediation has become more and more prominent for two main reasons. On one hand, the global economy, the expansion of online businesses, the digitalisation of business processes lead to an increase of the number of cross-border disputes. The distance between parties in such cases hinders the effective protection of their interests, when traditional means to resolute these disputes are the only instruments at their disposal.

The advent of online dispute resolution means comes to respond to these impediments by proving citizens with easy to use, fast and cost-effective solution. On the other hand, the online alternative dispute resolution is a natural consequence of the broad usage of online communications and the emerging necessity of people to manage their processes remotely.

There is a diversity of e-mediation platforms. By using these platforms parties establish contact with mediators through video conferences, online private individual sessions with mediator, off and online chat conversations. These platforms benefit from the quick and convenient electronic messages. At the same time, the overall correspondence is conducted with respect of confidentiality and information security.

The major advantages of the platform, which will be developed within the e-MEDIATION project, are the electronic identification and possibility to sign documents with electronic signatures through the platform. These functionalities aim to secure a legitimate e-mediation process. The electronic identification will create legal certainly about the parties’ identity, thus mitigating the possibility of platform misuse. On the other hand, signing documents with electronic signatures will enable parties to sign the mediation settlement entirely online, without printing documents or sending them via post services.